Protect Your Most Valuable Possession!

Most people treat their most valuable possession like it was somebody else’s unattractive dog.

-Dr Glenn Morris, Path Notes of an American Ninja Master

Doc Glenn was talking about your mind.

We’ll talk about the mind at some point… but it’s easy to start with mind talk and end up chasing phantoms.

So for right now, we’ll talk about something a little more solid… your brain.

If there is one overarching tip that will take you to improved brain health quickly and easily… it is getting your fats right.

Your brain and your nervous system are made from fats.

You need healthy fat for a healthy brain.

You also need to avoid garbage fats (processed oils and the like).

To start, the simplest method I know of is to eat a tablespoon (or two) of virgin coconut oil before each meal.  This gives you a good dose of healthy fats and helps to suppress your appetite.

Give this a shot and see what changes.

Pro tip:  Liquid coconut oil goes down a little easier than solid.

More to come.