What’s an easy way to fight skyrocketing stress? Get back in touch with sensation …


We are both brilliant and stupid.

We are an incredibly technologically advanced society… 100 years ago, we couldn’t have dreamed what’s possible today with medicine… 40 years ago we couldn’t have imagined what’s possible with communication

Yet, we are more out of touch with ourselves, than ever before.

How do we get back in touch with ourselves?

That’s a bigger question than we can hope to answer in a short podcast.

But we can get started… and the fastest way to get started is through sensation.

There is nothing more intimate, more immediate, or more honest… than getting in touch with, and simply being with… the sensations that are arising in your body.

Today, I’m very good, or at least much better than I used to be at noticing, accepting, and enjoying the sensations that arise in my body.  It hasn’t always been that way…

Both my challenge with road rage and my challenge with social anxiety were partially due to the fact that I was unaware of what was going on in my body.  Today, my road rage is non-existent… and my social anxiety is virtually non-existent… I feel calm & centered most of the time.

The best thing about this, is most of the people I meet now think it is laughable that I used to have road rage or social anxiety.

It wasn’t laughable at the time, but it is cool to me that I’ve changed so much that people can’t even imagine me being a guy that ever had those problems.

So how do you explore sensation?

The first step is to notice what’s happening in your body.


Wherever you are right now, whatever you’re doing… there are certain sensations arising in your hands.  Just pay attention to them for a moment.

There are also sensations arising in your nose as you inhale and exhale.  Just pay attention to those for a moment.

There are also sensations arising in your feet.  Just pay attention to those for a moment.


Do you feel how powerful this can be in your life?

keep smiling,