New Stress Statistics: How to Eliminate Stress

New Stress Stats.

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...but here are some highlights:

  • 42% of US Respondents Have Purposely Switched Jobs Due to a Stressful Work Environment
  • 61% of respondents believe that workplace stress has been the cause of an illness
  • 46% of respondents have missed time at work due to work-related stress; 7% report illness so severe it caused hospitalization
  • 84% of respondents claim that their stressful job has impacted their personal lives; 26% report sleepless nights, 24% report depression, 21% report family or relationship issues, and 19% report physical ailments
  • The most common problematic methods of coping with work-related stress include:  eating (35%),  and drinking after work (24%)
  • When asked “What does your office do to help alleviate stress in the workplace?” 13% of respondents answered “extra time-off”; 11% answered “ability to work from home”; and 66% answered “nothing.”

So what do we do about this?

Well, you can attempt the dance of "managing stress" or "reducing stress"... or you can simply Eliminate It...

How do you Eliminate Stress?

Start with the first pillar of stress: Tension.

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Tension's Top Ten Hiding Places...

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After you've applied the information in this report, you will be one of the few people who is truly experiencing relaxation at an almost legendary level... you might even discover that while outer success is very cool... inner peace is better.

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