Sometimes life sucks… it’s OK to be pissed

I got a kick out of this meme…

it's OK to be pissed off

it’s OK to be pissed off

You see angry owl’s face?

You see how he’s not painting a paper thin smile on it?

Self Honesty.


These are good things.

But aren’t we supposed to smile?


But there is no sincere smile without sincere self honesty.

If you’re pissed… be pissed.  Have the complete inner experience of being pissed off.  Let go of the faking happiness… and the blaming your emotions on someone else.  And when you’ve allowed yourself to experience it completely… let go of being pissed.  When you completely experience challenging emotions, they pass through much more quickly, and the peacefulness that leads to sincere smiles arises on its own.

No need to force it.

The best and most beautiful smiles just happen… and happen more frequently when you get all the bullshit out of the way.