Relieve Stress Mash Up

How to Relieve Stress is certainly one of the most popular health topics of the day.

So here’s some content from around the web to help you relieve stress… my commentary is added to help you actually discover and eliminate the roots of stress (excess tension in the body, inner resistance, and challenging emotions).


In this mash up, I'm introducing a new term:  NEC (not exactly conscious)... it's a way to describe what is commonly called unconscious or subconscious... but I'm using NEC to help remind us that there are no hard borders between the conscious and unconscious... and that which is unconscious can become conscious... but even when it does, it's not always entirely conscious.

2 Simple Habits to Stress-Proof Your Life - Yahoo News

 Sat, 15 Nov 2014 17:22:38 GMT
2 Simple Habits to Stress-Proof Your LifeYahoo NewsLet's face it, stress isn't going anywhere. "We talk about how to reduce stress," says Jenny Evans, a frequent speaker on stress and resiliency, and author of The Resiliency rEvolution. "The reality ...Read more ...

An interesting article by Minda Zetlin.  It starts beautifully:  "Doing your best to eliminate stress? Maybe that's the problem."  Stress Elimination isn't about fighting stress... it's about realizing that stress doesn't exist... it's just a term we use to describe our excess physical tension, our inner resistance, and our NEC emotions.  The activation of the fight or flight response (or sympathetic nervous system... if you want to sound all smart and stuff) is not the root of stress.  It is a side effect of the roots of stress (a highly destructive side effect, but a side effect no less).

I don't like the external view of stress promoted by the article... sometimes called the Victim View.  If we are victims of stress (or biology, or circumstances, or whatever)... we are willing victims.  Our experiences are most strongly influenced by our choices... they may be NEC choices... but they are choices none the less.

Having said all that... the 2 tips are useful.  A minute of intense exercise can derail/calm/reverse the Fight or Flight response.  It offers little help in correcting the roots of stress... but it can help you reduce feelings of stress.  Of course... this can be a very awkward in the business or relationship situations where you experience stress ("You're bringing up some really good points about our relationship challenges, Boo... just let me knock out a few jumping jacks and we'll continue this conversation").

The tip on diet is useful... high sugar and/or high starch is the fast track to spike and crash... not helpful for relieving stress.  The underlying principle here is that your body chemistry can have a profound effect on your emotional state and therefore your experience of life (as well as your effectiveness in life).  To really understand this in a way that is most useful for you, however, requires someone who understands your unique body chemistry.  There are great Nutritionists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, etc. who can run tests to find what diet/supplement/medication will work best with your body chemistry... but they're not always easy to find.  While you're looking, just cut down on the sugar as much as you can and practice stress elimination 😉

5 ways to minimize Thanksgiving Day stress - Florida Today

 Sat, 15 Nov 2014 05:16:29 GMT

5 ways to minimize Thanksgiving Day stressFlorida Today"Stress can not only make the holidays less pleasant, it can have a toll on your health, too," said Kim Tuck, president and chief executive officer at NurseWise, a nurse triage and health educati ...

Read more ...

The first three tips are lifestyle management (Have a Plan, Prepare Your Space, Delegate)... good for productivity and making the external situation easier... almost worthless for discovering and/or reducing the roots of stress.

The last 2 tips are very good, though.  Tip 4 - Get enough sleep (sleep is a time of physical and emotional healing... getting enough sleep can literally reduce your inner causes of stress and your inner responses to stress) & Tip 5 - Remember What's Important (They focus on family and gratitude... which are awesome... I would only add to remember that the roots of stress are always internal... the external situation is just a reminder pointing inside you to the true causes of your experiences in life)

Women take mental stress to heart - Helsinki Times

 Sun, 16 Nov 2014 08:28:27 GMT

Helsinki TimesWomen take mental stress to heartHelsinki TimesThe researchers found that women exposed to stress were more likely than men to experience myocardial ischemia, which may lead to a heart attack. In women, stress also increased the risk of ...

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The Critical Quote:

"The researchers found that women exposed to stress were more likely than men to experience myocardial ischemia, which may lead to a heart attack. In women, stress also increased the risk of the formation of blood clots and induced more negative emotions than in men."

I really dislike fear mongering... there is plenty going on already and I don't want to participate in it.  But I do want you to recognize that stress needs to be taken seriously.  Having said that... it's also important to have a sense of humor about stress (and yourself).  What would it be like to have a serious sense of humor about stress?  As you take stress elimination more seriously, how will you remember to smile more and more throughout your life?

VIDEO: The best stress-buster. (It's got kittens) - (registration)

 Sat, 15 Nov 2014 12:40:03 GMT (registration)VIDEO: The best stress-buster. (It's got kittens) (registration)Up close and personal with some of the world's best stress busters. (YOUTUBE). Viral videomeisters Soul Pancake know the way to Y ...

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Watch the video.

Hard to beat kitten therapy, isn't it...

How can you do this without kittens?

Allow the NEC parts of you to answer the following questions:

  1. What's it like when you allow yourself to playfully explore the world around you?
  2. How much more can you let yourself enjoy the experiencing of whatever experience is arising right now?
  3. What would it be like to be open to a child like approach of discovery in every area of your life... (particularly the areas that seems most challenging)?


I enjoy lifestyle management, time management, productivity, etc.  They're very useful for improving life in a variety of ways.  Based off making situations somewhat easier, they even occasionally help reduce your felt sense of stress.

But they will not help you recognize, accept, and eliminate the roots of your stress.

The roots of stress are only eliminated by knowing where to look, accepting what you find, and letting it go.

keep smiling,