Relieve Stress Mini Mash

Here’s two good articles from the Huffington Post:


How Stress Changes The Brain – Huffington Post

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 13:38:58 GMT

How Stress Changes The BrainHuffington PostWe tend to think of stress as an immediate problem: The boss hovering over our desks; the mad dash to the subway at the end of a long day. And in the short-term, stress makes us feel irritable, anxious, tens …

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Critical Quote:   “…even short-term stress could lead to communication problems among brain cells in regions associated with memory and learning.”

Although I maintain that the mental/emotional approach to relieving stress is the piece that is missing for most people… it’s important to remember that stress (particularly chronic stress) has a wide variety of physical consequences.

What If People Treated Physical Illness Like Mental Illness? – Huffington Post

Thu, 13 Nov 2014 13:23:42 GMT

What If People Treated Physical Illness Like Mental Illness?Huffington PostExperts say that part of the problem when it comes to criticizing someone’s mental health is a lack of empathy and knowledge about the ailments. Yet, despite the staggering ev …

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Awesome, short post.  Great little comic to demonstrate the point.

There is a real stigma against mental health issues… don’t admit it, pretend you don’t have it… and once you can’t deny it any more… be prepared for all the people still in the denial stage to attack you (under the disguise of giving you ‘helpful advice’).

The Solution?

Have a damn good sense of humor about life and yourself… and be willing to ask for help when you need it.

Just so I don’t start sounding like next dipshit who thinks he has all the answers… I’ve done pretty good at developing my sense of humor… I’m still struggling with asking for help when I need it.


To conclude, life can be tough… and well meaning friends and family may not be as helpful as they would like to think.

But you can make the journey much more enjoyable by taking some time to let go of the roots of stress.

The CD, There Is No Such Thing As Stress, will introduce you to the major concepts and walk you through powerful exercises to get you started.  With a little practice you will be amazed at how quickly you can transform your approach to life.  You can get it here.

To borrow from the late, great Dr Glenn Morris:

“Keep Going… Keep Playing”

And I would only add:

Keep Smiling,


P.S.  Here’s a cool quote from Dr Charles Moss (Author of “Power of the Five Elements”):

“Complaints represent the way we become attached to a concept of how we want things to be instead of being grateful for what actually is.”

Another powerful notion to help you continue the journey of stress elimination…