Can A Watch Help You Eliminate Stress?


Emvio Smartwatch Can Detect And Manage Your Levels | Ubergizmo

According to its creators, they have dubbed it as the first watch that has the ability to monitor your stress levels in real time.

How it works is that it has the ability to measure your pulse rate to determine on a scale of 1-10 how stressed you are feeling.

So is it possible?

Can A smartwatch Help You Eliminate Stress?

Can technology get to the root of our problems with Stress?

The short answer is no.

This watch doesn’t detect the deeper roots of stress (resistance and challenging emotions)… it detects a physiological “stress” response.  It can be useful to an extent, but it still requires you to handle the process of calming down.

Stress elimination recognizes that noticing the issue early on is half the battle.

How I Beat Road Rage

Before I overcame road rage, it was almost habitual to get really angry at some point during the day while I was driving.  Angry at other drivers, angry at my vehicle, angry at myself, or angry at life in general.  I saw my knuckles whitening as I attempted to squeeze my steering wheel out of existence on many occasions.

When I decided this was a problem I need to address, I started recognizing a variety a small irritants before and during driving… and when you catch them while they’re small… it’s pretty easy to let them go.

The key skill I developed here… was recognizing the problems when they were still small.

Anger, fear, arrogance, shame, and several other challenging emotions can be at the root of feeling stressed out… but when you learn to recognize them early on, they never get out of hand.  They never compound unconsciously.  They never get so twisted and confused that you can’t tell what you’re feeling.

Or to quote Benjamin Franklin:

A stitch in time saves nine.

How quickly will you begin to teach yourself to notice challenges while they’re still manageable?

keep smiling,