The Number One Source Of Stress?

This Is the Number One Source of in America – ABC News

Money is the top source of stress in our lives, beating out work, family responsibilities, and health concerns. That’s according to the new Stress In America survey, conducted by Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association.

This news isn’t super shocking—money has been the top stressor since the APA started conducting its annual survey in 2007

This is funny.

For people that believe stress is rooted in the external world… they already know money is one of their favorite things to blame.  They have known this for a long time.

For people who have discovered Stress Elimination, this is silly.  We have realized that the challenges of the external world have very little to do with the roots of stress.  Stress management tends to focus on whatever looks like it’s causing stress at the surface of our experience (money, job, relationships, etc.).  In Stress Elimination we focus on taking the problem out at the root (excess tension, inner resistance, challenging emotions)… and when you eliminate the problem at the root, you begin to permanently change the way you see the world.

Discover Your Power

I remember discovering this in my own life.

I had been playing with and self-# for years (I was used to looking for answers inside).  In spite of this, I was very angry at the lady I was dating, and blaming her for a large chunk of my problems.

At some point I just found myself asking:

Do you really buy into this?  Do you really think it’s someone else’s fault?

I shook my head no.

So what if you were to let go of that… not just at the surface… but what if you were to allow your whole being to recognize that you are the primary influence in your life?

I sat in stunned silence for a moment… considering the possibility.

Are you ready to make that change now?

I nodded my head yes!

Everything I have learned about Stress Elimination sprang from this.

So the question becomes… Are you ready to discover your power?  Are you ready to make that change now?

keep smiling,